NLTimes – our final starting point for a lifelong journey.

NLTimes – our final starting point for a lifelong journey.

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The final step may be the hardest, but remember it takes many more steps to make a journey.

In the past two months, we have often talked about the role of the audience in modern journalism. It shouldn’t therefore come as a surprise that during our final fact checking project, we came to realize that it is up to the audience to decide if they want to use this medium or not. Our advice is to use it as a starting point, but to be aware that you need to look beyond the information presented to you there in order to get the full picture.

The Medium: NL Times 

Founded in 2013, NL times ( is a English-writing news medium based in the Netherlands, it focuses on Dutch news and writes short but snappy reports about different aspect of the country, including politics, business, sports, health, and weird news. With three international students…

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